Ranking the Best Budget Tyres in the Market

Tyres Dubai

Aptany, Fulda, Goldway, Toyo tyres Dubai among others are few of the best tyres in the budget category and provide value for money. These brands have maintained their position of being most preferred affordable tyres since a long time.

They are characterized by durability, strength and high performance in all weather conditions due to the meticulous production methods employed at different stages of manufacturing. Daily commute is comfortable and super easy with these best budget tyres that guarantee peak performance during all times. Here are few tyres in the budget category that have won the hearts of many.


Aptany tyres are known to deliver excellent performance due to their automated manufacturing process. This means that the production is supervised by robots and sensors to ensure maximum quality. Aptany tyres comply with the industry standards and are a great cost-effective option for people seeking quality at affordable prices. These tyres are highly suitable to be used across the terrains in UAE as they are stable and safe. There are hardly any vibrations while driving and are ideal for passenger cars, vans or small trucks.


Known for its incredible durability, they are most ideal if you are constantly travelling long distances. Delivery vans, lorries or small passenger cars – all such vehicles can safely function with Fulda tyres. These tyres are available in different varieties. You can either choose a season-specific tyre or a tyre that suits all the seasons equally well. Environment friendly features is another major bonus. These tyres strictly abide by ISO standards. Its advanced technology also helps the driver to laser check the tyres.


The silica component used in the rubber of Goldway tyres offer a tight grip while riding. Suited for varying temperatures, these tyres offer terrific performance while reducing the rolling resistance. The computer optimized tread designs help you ride across even difficult terrains with ease. Cars, vans and trucks can benefit the most from Goldway tyres.


Horizon tyres have grip, stability, brake control and overall efficiency that can sustain all seasons, whether wet or dry, with perfect ease. Designed to sail effortlessly through the various terrains of UAE, these tyres meet the international quality standards while also being affordable. Available in classy styles and designs, they also have silicon technology enabled for better comfort during journeys.


Excellent resistance to stones and rubbles, Lanvigator tyres offer short distance braking as well as smooth ride across dry landscapes with soaring temperatures. They are a cost-effective option that is characterized by low fuel consumption and longer life.


Apart from these, you can find a few more tyres Dubai like Toyo tyres and many others. These are manufactured with the latest technology and easily fit your budget.