What Are the Various Web Hosting Services?

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Web hosting is an online service that enables persons and companies to make their websites available on the world wide web. This is accomplished by using technology and e-resources that give users access to generate content on the internet. There are different services offered under web hosting available to clients. They include basic services such as website setup from scratch and different hosting packages to clients. The specific hosting services required depend on the nature of the business and individual preferences. Upon showing interest in these services, web hosts give guidance on what is suitable for the client and help with other obligations such as purchasing a domain. The best hosting in Dubai walk clients from the initial point of setup and release the website to the client when fully functional.

Website Setup

This is a service offered by web hosting companies to beginners interested in setting up a website but lack the technical know-how and expertise to do the same. The service entails issuing the interested party with an online user interface where they can include the content, they require to build their website. Website setup services also include hosting where the company allocates space for its client to store their content online without third party input. Some established businesses also subscribe to this service, and it is not limited to beginners.

Provision of Shared Hosting Setup

Shared hosting creates an environment where multiple website owners are linked to one server and are hosted simultaneously. The sharing applies to both hardware, in this case, the server itself and software that comprises all applications and functions enabled by the server. Many website owners prefer this hosting. It helps reduce operational costs, with any fees required to maintain and operate the server is split among all the users connected to it. However, this comes with a few challenges, such as slower server responses.

Dedicated Hosting

As the name suggests, dedicated hosting allows website owners to have their own independent server. Website owners have sole access to the server and all the applications enabled by the server. This prevents downsides such as speed challenges and frequent crashes as there is only one user, which translates to reduced workload and traffic on the server. It is a suitable choice for websites designed to have complicated systems requiring more resources or those that require high levels of data security. It costs way more to have this hosting setup, but it is one of the most reliable ways to host a website.


This is a specialized service that is custom-designed to accommodate the needs of different website owners. Different website owners procure their own individual servers in this hosting and have them housed at the web hosting company facility. This helps to aid the web host within reach while enjoying the benefits of a dedicated server remotely. The website owner has full rights over the server and has the flexibility to customize their experience by installing or removing any applications required at their convenience.

Domain Selling

Web hosting companies help set up websites for users and also give the domain for the website to run on. Domains are the last characters on a URL address such as .com that help to identify a website and redirect the address to the host server. The domain is a separate entity from the hosting, which means even after acquiring hosting, website owners still have to purchase the domain for their website to run. Usually, the domain will give an idea of what the website is about. For example, .edu will refer to a learning institution, whereas .com often denotes a business.